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​​​​​​​​~       Master Hypnotist Gail Ann Marie

                     New England’s Own Wicked Fun Hypnotist!

​Adverbial ‘Wicked’
Growing up in a rural part of New England, ‘wicked‘ was a common staple of the local vocabulary. Not ‘wicked,’ mind you, as in the sense of ‘sinful’ or ‘evil.’ New Englanders convert this adjective to an adverb, creating a synonym for ‘very.’ Relevant examples include:

That boy’s wicked smart!

Or, in an appropriately New England context:

It’s wicked cold outside!

     My career in the hospitality industry earned me the name "Queen of Theme " for my innovative parties & hosting large events Stateside, Europe and Asia with well known entertainers . A Master Hypnotist honors graduate of the Hypnosis Institute in Tarzana California. I have been blessed with being mentored and trained with the best of the best in the stage hypnosis arena. I have done Stage Shows and Hypnosis Seminars in Europe and in the U.S. My shows are fast paced, hilariously entertaining, inspiring, thought provoking and family friendly that will give your audience a night of inspired comedy hypnosis they will talk about for years to come! Now booking for Fund Raisers, School Programs & Fund Raising, Graduation Night, Comedy Clubs, Colleges, Corporations, Churches, ConventionCenters, Casino’s & Fairs. I look forward to entertaining in your area soon!